Who I Am.

I am from pencils
from Tylenol and havoc
I am from the ash in the yard
(black, strong, smells of fire)
I am from the Dandelions
From “Old Rusty”
with arms so strong
they held us in the sky
I’m from Christmas Eves and freckled faces
from Lester Lyle and Carmelitta Mae
I’m from the hardworkers
and the hopeful
From life’s not fair and
you can do anything
I’m from my God is an awesome God
and sleeping in on Sundays
I’m from Downing’s hands
and Plumbing and Heating
Cabbage rolls and pumpkin pie
From the pull my fingers
the song my grandpa sang about my sister
Plastic boxes filled with pictures,
all waiting to be placed
collected for a lifetime of memories
I am from the good, the bad
the unforgotten.


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