Your average homo [sapian]

I’m a homo.
I have ten fingers, ten toes.
I have two eyes and a nose, and an irrational fear of windchimes.
I was born, and I have lived.
I smiled when I wanted to cry, and I cried from joy.
I have flat feet that pound the ground when I walk with purpose.
I turn to music to express my feelings, and I like the sound of rain
but hate thunderstorms.
When I was in fourth grade, terrorists attacked the World Trade Center.
I said the Pledge of Allegiance with pride, affirming one nation, under God.
I was taught that life can be ugly, but love makes it beautiful.
I went to Bible school, and they said Jesus died for our sins because He loved us.
They told me about His love, and told me to model myself after Him,
and I believed him.
I’ve wanted to write since grade five. I wanted to change the world,
even though I was sure it was impossible.
Somewhere along the way, I learned to dream in spite of impossibilities.
I like ice cream. My favorite food is pizza.
I’ve been alone most of my life, but I fell in love with a girl.
Her name is Cassie. She makes me happy.
I’m a college student with a 3.99 GPA.
I’m a member of the national sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha.
I’m the oldest of three, and I love my younger two sisters.
I’ve been through a divorce, and the death of my grandfather and my aunt.
I know pain, but I know how to find the silver lining.
I am from a small town, where the county fair is an excused absence from school
and parties are held in somebody’s barn.
The gossip doesn’t bother me so much these days.
I never knew what I wanted to do with my life, and I never really planned for the future.
Then I met Cassie.
We’re going to move to Columbus after I graduate.
I think I might marry that girl someday.
I’m a woman of conviction, and a woman of reason.
I believe strongly, but keep an open mind.
I like to travel.
The stars are one of my favorite things in the world.
I have a heart, and it beats; a mind that thinks.
I respect you and your opinions.
I don’t offend easily, but I strive not to offend anyone else.
I like to make people smile, it makes me smile.
I believe that loving someone doesn’t mean you can’t live without them,
but that you don’t want to live without them.
Being with them makes you better, as if you go from ordinary
to extraordinary. I think extraordinary scares some people,
because it’s so strong and has so much potential.
It’s okay to be afraid, but it’s important to know why you’re afraid.
I think there’s some beauty in every person,
even the ones that do wrong.
Sometimes it’s just hard to understand things that are really different.
I breathe when I get anxious, inhale and exhale,
to calm myself.
I’m alive, and I’m grateful.
I love—not only my family, my girlfriend, my friends,
but the world. I love wide open, because I don’t know how to hate
someone I haven’t even met.
I’m a homo…so are you.
We’re all pretty human, really.

Your average homo [sapian]

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