There’s a theory
that the more we progress, the more minds it will require to come up with something
truly original, innovative,

This theory is wrong.


We have built our world on conformity.
You can see it in our schools,
where children are bullied for not having the right clothes,
where teachers are scolded for not teaching to a test.
It is in our politics,
where progress means years of fighting and fear
for the closed-minded to accept something
different. New.
We’ve been taught that it is bad to be


What happens to our imagination as we grow?
Do we clip its wings, shove it in a cage?
Does it slowly fade away?
Or is it still there, shivering and afraid, silenced by years of conditioning, waiting?


Our world needs help.
But all of the scientists,
the humanists,
the activists,
the apologists –
those who have studied, learned, lived,
who make it their business to figure out how to fix our world,
they are failing.

I am average.
But with my average heart and my average hands I offer you a solution to the world’s problems, an invention from an average mind that contradicts everything we’ve known until now.


Noun Wok ∙ ej

1. An awakening of the imagination


Let the word roll off your tongue: w-o-k-e-j
Whisper it softly.
With the first syllable, release the idea that it is wrong to be different.
Remember, the greatest minds were not normal and did not strive to be.
Repeat until you have embraced the idea.

Speak the last syllable with finality.
Picture yourself at the edge of a cliff-
e-j, e-j, e-j,
e-j, e-j, e-j,
e-j, e-j, e-j,


You are falling,
the wind rushing around you matches your racing heartbeat.
You are afraid of hitting the ground,
you are afraid, it is okay to be afraid,
it is good to be afraid,

slowly lift your arms.

The rushing wind ceases and you are no longer racing to the ground.
The sun on your arms is warm,
And you are flying.


Don’t let them cage your imagination


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