Carry on

Broken memories line my pockets,
I’ll always love how it feels.
Maybe tomorrow is already forgotten,
but I’ll carry you on.

I’m scared, it’s true;
I worry about the what-ifs,
tie them with my shoe laces so they’ll
keep me on the ground.
I live in the past-present-future
because it’s all I know how to do,
but I’ll always love you.
No fear of loss can scare me off,
love will do that, love always does that.
I take a mental inventory of every favorite memory
to give me peace at night,
there’s so much possibility that things won’t turn out right,
but that’s alright.
I’ll give you the key to my forever
for only a day by your side,
and if you suddenly toss it in the river,
I’ll be satisfied.
Because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed,
that always worries me, but today is so sweet
and sound. The what-ifs try to keep me down,
but you take my heart,
and carry me on.

And I’ll carry you on.

Carry on

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