How to survive being a woman

Little sister,
I hear you talking
about a heartbreaker kinda guy
who says he doesn’t care about girls
and is a self-proclaimed asshole to those
who trust him with their heart.

Let me tell you.

You, little sister, are a glorious thing.
You are a woman with a future,
beauty and brains wrapped in the
most perfect package any man could ever receive.

You will accomplish greater things
in a single day
than these small-town boys
will ever know in their life.
Little sister, their sun rises and sets
in this little corner of the world.
This place is only a footnote
in the story of your life.

There are guys in this world
whom you will intimidate
with your fierce knowledge,
your flaming passion,
and your powerful potential.

They will tell you that you are less than,
they will piss on your pride
with the privilege of their penis.
But little sister, you remind them:
You create life inside you
in the amount of time they spend
on the couch.
You bleed for six days straight,
and you do not die.
You are as strong, smart, and able as they,
and you do it all
with grace.

Little sister, the patriarchy
doesn’t stop at men.
There are women, too,
who will look at your size 12 body
and deem you worthless.
They will be vicious,
and you may cry.
You are allowed to cry.
But always remember,
you are filled with curiosity,
knowledge, compassion,
and a heart the size of the ocean.
They are paper dolls:
blow them away.

I know you think you’ve
got it all figured out.
But little sister,
this last lesson is the most important.
When you realize that you know nothing,
and the world feels like
it’s bigger than the sun,
know you’re not alone.
Take a deep breath,
still that restless heart
and pick up the phone.

How to survive being a woman

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