Zanesville, Ohio wasn’t known for much,
But my birth occurred, significant enough.
McConnelsville held my childhood in its bosom,
The small-town charm wearing off before I fully knew it.
I traveled to Columbus, Newark, Marietta,
All insignificant towns in the scheme of life.
In eighth grade I visited our capital,
Traveling by cramped tour bus for hours to learn
The history of freedom.
I was smaller then, and my legs better fit between my seat and the one ahead of me.
Kings Island was the greatest vacation
A child could ever desire,
But it only had a lot to offer for a little while.
Years went by and I made a life in New Concord
Fueled by the desire for education, experience, growth.
My road led for a short stop in Winston Salem,
Where I learned how to hammer a nail.
New York, New York opened my eyes to big
As I wandered down the day-lit night of Times Square
And swirled in the colors, sales, and raw fish of Chinatown.
You could buy vegetables from a graffitied van there, you know?
Alabama is within my reach,
And a long road extends forward from it.
Where my world will turn I cannot know,
Perhaps to Greece where the food is new
Or the coast where I can sit with the love of my life and watch the tide roll in.
And maybe I’ll see the soul of New Orleans
That will reach within me and bring me to life.
The northern lights should be a stop,
Watching the magic of the sky being colored
And stealing a kiss.
Maybe all that will come for me
Is settling in a small apartment—
The one that seems quaint when first inspected,
But proves to feed claustrophobia like wood to a fire.
My travels may be alone, or not,
They may be short or long,
And maybe they’ll amount to nothing more than
A walk to the park.
And then I will pick up my luggage and travel again
To an after that I cannot understand.
But I should think, this time, I’ll fly.


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