Confessions of the Fir

I am a fixed structure in the world around me.
Take me for granted,
Overlook me for greater beauty,
I will not move.
I will not leave.
One day, you will want me.
You will have me.
You will ruin me.
I will transform
From the strong being I am,
Reaching for the clouds
As if they are attainable.
I will become the floor you walk on,
The wall you strike in anger,
Something for you to destroy.
I am more than what you see.
I am connected
To this world.
I feel the rain,
And you get wet.
I strive for sunshine,
And you hide from it.
I have felt the blue sky on my fingertips,
And you paint it gray.
You rule the world,
And I bend at your will.
But what you do not see
Is all that you are missing.
You will defeat me,
But I have already won.

Confessions of the Fir

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