Your eyes are a solar eclipse.
I am drawn to them with a wonder
That even Alice could not quite fathom,
Their intensity holding my gaze until it aches,
But I cannot break away.
Such is your hold on me, like a child to the hand of his mother.
They say love is blind,
But I’ve never seen the world more clearly than when I’m in your palm.
My heart pounds with a resonant reverberation in my chest,
Echoing the beat of your own.
Tell me that we are not one, and I will shudder.
I thought I understood relationships,
But you are a moon that changes my tide with your phases
And I am a billion drops of water,
Each trying to love you with the strength of an ocean.
I believed in happiness
Until I saw that you are a mirage in the desert,
When you are before me I am full-hearted and sure of your presence,
But the magnitude of your value sends me reeling in fear
Of the chance you may vanish before my very eyes.
You are a question mark sprawling on the bed,
An exclamation point bent over my with the tips of our lips touching,
A semi-colon of hesitation before casting all shawls aside,
A period as your eyes bore through me with the solitude of goodbye.
My stomach clenches in knots that four months running
Have not fully unwound,
My heart brims with emotion like carbonated soda
Overflowing before fading below the edge.
Tears stream from my eyes as a testament to
The promise I don’t have to speak.
I love you with the marrow of my life,
It’s entwined with my veins and nested in my bones.
And as I sit looking at you I know that forever
Is not long enough to solve the puzzle that your body speaks,
But I am a puzzler, so I’ll put in the time anyway.
Before me, a comma
Reminding me
to breathe.


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