My heart races with the speed of a butterfly’s wings
And I’m soaring.
The intimacy of the silence
Is matched with the trepidation-induced pounding.
We dance to the tempo
Of a monarch, blissful in my stomach.
Our feet part from the ground
In an elevated existence
That we come to know as “we.”
I’ve lost my tongue,
But my heart knows the heights
Of the clouds and the sun.
It’s seen the stars and
Slid down the crescent moon.
I’d package the feeling, the knowledge
But you can’t put the universe
In a line.
So I love.
And the words I cannot find
Transform into actions, body language,
You know it, or you will,
When you look into her eyes
And see eternity.
When you can trace the galaxy
On the lines of her hand.
When you live a lifetime
With the touch of her lips.
Life is no longer living,
But experiencing.
Every moment is a snowflake
In summer, and you
Want to remember every detail
Before it melts.
What once was alive
Is now electrified,
And gravity isn’t as heavy
As you once believed it to be.
And the butterfly beats its wings
To the sound of your pulse,
There’s no knowing it
Until you know.


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