Firefly goodbyes

We are lovers in love,
clinging to our buoyed hearts.
Your breath is mine, and mine yours;
each moment too precious.
We are made to fold into each other,
like the collapsible chairs hidden in my closet.
The nook in between your neck and shoulder
is my home. We say our goodbyes
like fireflies hurled against the windshield—
how can something that hurts so bad be so beautiful?
I know you love me from the mascara
on my jacket, I loved you irrevocably
since the night we danced outside to our own song,
alone from the world.
You took me in your arms, erasing all past and future
for a moment of bliss.
The sun rises and sets with you, the moon orbits
around the freckle on your neck.
I see the lines of my future woven
in the strands of hair that fall in your face.
There you are, and I: old and grey.
Children and grandchildren wear your coy smile
as they grow. I see your eyes
swimming in the night sky, and your heart
fishing for the moon.

Firefly goodbyes

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