In my soul, in my mind, in the vein that runs from the tip of my finger to the base of my heart.
There’s a panic trying to rise, a realization of dissatisfaction that wants to make itself known in the core of the fluttering feeling in my stomach.
I’m a sinking ship.
You help me float.
I believe in patience. I believe in adversity. I believe in the tree that is reclining under the sun like a whisper of what’s to come.
We are young, you and I embrace security like the hug of the dirty blanket I carried as a child.
I am certain of uncertainty, and in the muscle memory of my story that frightens me.
I was alone, once. And lonely thrice. Nightmares leave me black as midnight. We’re alright.
There’s a chill to the air that cuts through the bone like the sharp stab I know of being alone; no.
You’re in my eyes, there. That bright shine that reassures my shaken form in the glint of reflection.
We were never really two, but one divided.
Almost magnetic.
A puzzle piece kind of perfect fit.
Although, we’re not perfect. There’s some tears, here and there.
There’s me; there’s you. Singularly unspectacular,


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