To my unborn child

You will not come from my loins.
You will not share my genes and my blood will not run through your veins.
All that will tie me to you is the string
connected from my heart to yours,
pulled taut when I first see your gorgeous eyes.
I hope they’re as blue as your mother’s.
Your first lesson of this world, love:
Blood does not make a family.

Baby, you scare me.
You have not even become,
and already I think about
your fragility.
They say I can’t break you,
but I know better.
I could break your spirit,
your sense of security, your confidence,
your imagination, baby this world is full of broken people.
We’ll do better with you,
we’ll learn from our parents mistakes.

I vow to answer every why you ask,
to the best of my knowledge. And if I do not know,
I will find out. Lesson two, baby,
always take the chance to learn.
Curiosity is not the fault
society says it is, be curious and you
will discover amazing things.
I vow to read to you, talk with you,
treat you as the fellow human you are.
I will not tell you “Because I said so,”
nor will I lay a hand on you.

Baby, I have high expectations set for you.
I expect you to love, not hate.
I expect you to discuss, to reason,
and to make an argument.
I expect you to stand up for yourself,
and for others.
I expect you to always do your best,
and always continue to improve.
We will help you learn these things,
and I vow to always live as an example
of who I want you to be.

To my unborn child

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