I’m lost inside and it’s finally starting to show, and I know you know.

We’re feeling beings.
It’s what we do.
We feel, we feel, we feel. We try to explain our feelings. Try to express ourselves.
But what, then, when there’s no expression? No explanation? Just the overwhelming emotion.
And you’re drowning in life, because all there is around you is what you feel.
There’s no escaping the feelings.
No escaping the nature of our human form, we feel. We can hate it as much as we want, deny it until we’re dead, but we feel.
That’s how life is.
And right now, I’m feeling. I’m feeling so hard, and it’s overpowering every other aspect of me. Because I’ve never felt so much, and never felt so enclosed. There’s no outlet for the feeling I can’t describe, no way to put forth the emotions I can’t escape.
So I feel.
And I know you feel too.
Because I can feel you. I can feel this. I can feel the desperation, the duress of a test that we weren’t prepared for. I know. You’re not alone, but you feel it. I’m right here, but I’m nowhere near. Because I can’t be who I want to be, who you need, who I’ve spent so much time trying to become. I can’t even be myself, with all the feelings overpowering my being.
So what is it then? What is this chaos-stricken insanity that we so willingly feed with emotion?
And when will it end?

I’m lost inside and it’s finally starting to show, and I know you know.

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