“The value of identity of course is that so often with it comes purpose.” Richard Grant

I’ve gotten really caught up in life lately. The ups and downs, the ins and outs, the entirety of the experience. It’s a pretty crazy thing. A beautifully crazy thing.

I’ve also come to a conclusion. We’ve all got our priorities messed up. Every single one of us. Maybe that’s a pretty bold claim. Maybe I’m only saying this because I’m tired and I feel like I’ve abandoned my poor little blog. But mostly I’m saying it because I feel like it’s true.

We tend to think way too much. We overanalyze elements in our lives. We categorize and divide and label everything. I mean, this is our reason coming out. This is our way of trying to make things easier for ourselves. But maybe it doesn’t always work that way. Maybe, sometimes it makes things a lot harder. We place ourselves in these categories too. And we cut ourselves off from any other experiences. We don’t want to leave our little box we’ve made for ourselves. We spend our whole life creating this persona of who we should be and who we want to be and who we think we are, and then when the opportunity comes to be something else, we turn it down.

Think about it. Are you a Republican or Democrat? What is your religion? Are you pro-life? What’s your stance, how do you see the world, how do you define yourself? You know the answers to these questions. And you know as well as I do that once you’ve got your mind set in stone, you’re not going to change it. You’ve given up your open-minded stance for security and certainty and some sense of identity. But why not swap your priority and your understanding of belonging for a different view of the world? Trade it in for an open mind and giving every chance opportunity to figure out who you are. Live by your ideals, but don’t shove yourself in a box and stay there.

I guess this is really more of a personal challenge than anything. I’ve been looking a lot at the way I live my life, and I don’t want to become some fool so caught up in my beliefs I can’t see the reason in a valid argument. I want to be able to hear someone out and recognize that I’m wrong. I want to be able to experience new things as they come my way. Because sometimes we don’t know what is right for us. Sometimes we set ourselves in these labels and they make us miserable. But we’re afraid of change. We’re afraid of not being who we are. Because if we’re wrong about ourselves, then we’re wrong about everything. And we just can’t live with that.

“The value of identity of course is that so often with it comes purpose.” Richard Grant

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