I’m sorry.

Crazy eyes.

I got myself trapped in the guise.

Everything came to me by surprise.

Never gave myself the chance to realize.

Didn’t see those crazy eyes.


Fragile mind.

I’d give anything for a chance to rewind.

My thoughts and actions put me in a bind.

This hostility is not my kind.

I didn’t know the fragile mind.


Broken heart.

Ages time and a long lived start.

Guarded insecurity and uncertain part.

The jump to conclusion I had down to an art.

I can’t make up for that broken heart.


Shaking frame.

I didn’t know the chaos had a name.

Heavy heart weighed down by shame.

Now I can see the misplaced blame.

No stilling the shaking frame.


Broken life.

You couldn’t tell the struggle and strife.

Wanting so greatly to be wife.

Stabbing in my mind like a sharpened knife.

There’s no saving a broken life.

I’m sorry.

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