Don’t ask what the meaning of life is. Define it yourself.

Life’s crazy, huh?

I’ve been really swept up in the whole living thing. My reflective self has sort of lost the time to reflect.

We’re all on our way to somewhere. Somewhere big, somewhere small, an end of the road destination. We’re all headed to the grave, the afterlife, the last stop. But that’s not at all what matters, is it? What matters is what we do, who we are, where we go on the way there.

We have some power in our lives. We have the opportunity to make dreams come true. We have choices and decisions. We have life sketched into the palm of our hand, malleable as the bending and grasping and turning and shaping of the lines that form our story.

I live for the intangible. I like to know those things about people that I can’t see in their actions, on their faces. I like to know what makes someone do what they do, be who they are. I like to know the core of an individual, what makes them tick. This is something to me. This is my level. This is where I want to know the people in my life.

I’m sure by this point, you’re asking what in the world I’m trying to get at. The fact of the matter is, I don’t know. I’m overcome with something bigger. Something more than myself and more than life. Opportunity, possibility, ingenuity, dedication, inspiration, believing in achieving and desiring to be something more than a body on this earth.

We are all searching for something. We live in the process of this need for fulfillment in our life. I don’t know a lot. But I feel it. I cannot always translate it. But I do, in some sense, understand it. You do too. I know you feel these things in your life that you can’t quite find a word for. I know we all do.

Maybe you can make about as much sense of this as I can. And trust me, that’s not much. But I guess it’s something worth getting out there. I’ll try to work on it, but like I said…my reflection time is limited these days.

Hope you are all having a great life. You only get one.

Don’t ask what the meaning of life is. Define it yourself.

7 thoughts on “Don’t ask what the meaning of life is. Define it yourself.

  1. Hi You!…love the title, catchy…and I agree I think it was Jesus who came up with the idea that we have but one life but it can, go on forever….Now, that’s my definition of Life!



  2. kelseyapperson says:

    Well Paul,
    I am certainly glad that you enjoyed my post! I enjoy hearing feedback, and if you have any thoughts or opinions you would like to share, I’d definitely enjoy hearing them.


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