“I sometimes wonder how this planet keeps on sticking to my feet.”

There are billions of different views on life. How to live it, what’s right and wrong, what the point is, so on and so forth. We each have our own unique understanding of this functionality in which we exist.

Do you believe in fate? Do you believe in reason? How about consequence, or serendipity? Is this sequence of who we are and how we go already decided at the very start of our life, or do we have a hand in it?

You can’t have an answer. I can’t have an answer. It’s all belief. Convictions. Interpretation. Yet, there are people who see in black and white. They’re right, you’re wrong. There are people who force their almighty perspective on others.

The way I see it, we do what we want. We think how we want. It’s our right. We got to live how we choose. That’s obvious, to me. Maybe not to others, hey whatever. All I’m getting at is, to each their own.

You are you. I’m me. They’re them. So, do you. I’ll do me. They’ll do them. It’s really a pretty simple concept. Of course, it doesn’t work that way. Nothing ever works how it could. We complicate things by our very nature.

I don’t believe I’m better than you. I don’t believe any one person is better than anyone else. We’re all wandering around, trying to figure it out. This existence. This being. This life thing.

Maybe life is one of those choose your own adventure books. One choice, consequences. Another choice, consequences. There are all of these options already lined up for you, waiting for you to decide which way you’re going. But there aren’t any do-overs. You can’t flip back a few pages and do it again.

There’s always an opportunity to change things, though. It all depends on how you see things, I guess. Everything depends on your perspective, your interpretation of the world, people around you, the rules of society, so on and so forth.

So, take some time to think about it. That perspective is more important than you realize. Do you even know why you think like you do?

“I sometimes wonder how this planet keeps on sticking to my feet.”

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