Message Roulette.

What you do:

Scroll through contacts stopping randomly on any contact. You must select this contact. Only exemptions are landlines and technical support numbers.

Next, create a message addressed to this contact.

Insert picture. Again, scroll through pictures randomly stopping on a photo. You must use this photo. Only exemptions are photos of other people or inappropriate photos–nobody wants to see that, and you can’t just send pictures of other people.

Hit send. Do again. And again. And again.

Await responses. (=

Message Roulette.

2 thoughts on “Message Roulette.

  1. Hey good blog, just looking around some blogs, appears a pretty good platform you might be utilizing. I’m currently using WordPress for several of my websites but looking to change one of them more than to a platform comparable to yours as being a trial run. Something in particular you would recommend about it?


    1. kelseyapperson says:

      I apologize for not posting your comment or replying until now.
      I’m glad that you enjoyed my blog. As far as recommendations go, I really don’t have any. What I have currently is more or less from playing around. Obviously I’m not very experienced with wordpress or blogging, due to my inability to appropriately mediate comments. Sorry. =/
      If you have any specific questions, I’ll do my best to answer them for you!


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